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Crystorama Lighting products are represented in some of the finest in hotel lighting, club lighting, restaurant lighting and residential lighting products throughout the United States and abroad. Crystorama takes great pride in presenting their new creative vision and hopes you will share in their enthusiasm and passion for design and superior quality. They specialize in producing beautiful crystal chandeliers, elegant wall sconces, and many other lighting products. Crystorama Lighting has been a unique lighting source, creating decorative lighting since 1958. As a family owned company, Crystorama Lighting’s concern for lighting excellence is expressed in the styling and detailing of their lighting products.


Abraham Kleinberg founded Crystorama Lighting Group in Brooklyn, New York in 1958. As a family owned company their concern for excellence is expressed in their styling, detailing and sincere caring for their valued customer. The company was initially founded as a primary importer of crystal chandeliers from Bohemia - Northern Czechoslovakia - and offered the finest selection of classical crystal designs. The rich heritage has continued by sourcing out the best quality crystal worldwide. Its unique resources have allowed Crystorama Lighting Group to remain a dominant producer of Crystal, Brass and Wrought Iron chandeliers that remains unsurpassed in North America. Crystorama chandeliers are of traditional designs and use authentic molds and patterns to maintain the tradition of our forefathers. In a world of mass production, Crystorama Lighting Group continues to offer traditional chandeliers that require years of experience and specialized craftsmanship.

Guide to Crystal
Crystorama - Swarovski Strass Crystal


Swarovski is the leading crystal manufacturer. Their patented laser cutting technique ensures precise, sharp facets that give the maximum light refraction, also created the most sparkle.

Swarovski Strass is the Rolls Royce of crystal. It is optically pure, free of flaws, and unique in purity. Strass crystals contain the highest lead content with levels exceeding 30%. All Strass crystals are treated with an invisible coating, which eliminates dust attraction and makes it easier to clean. The Strass signature emblem is etched into every crystal by a state of the art laser technique. This ensures that your chandelier has genuine Strass crystals.

Crystorama - Swarovski Spectra Crystal


Swarovski Spectra is the perfect counterpart to the Strass crystal. For areas that prohibit lead use, the Spectra crystal uses an alternative material to lead to create it's brilliance. While still optically pure and precision cut, Spectra crystals are a beautiful value to crystal connoisseurs.

Crystorama - Hand Cut Crystal, Majestic Wood Polished


Wood Polished Crystal is cut by hand in two stages on an iron and then sandstone wheel. Each crystal is then polished on a wood wheel with marble dust. These methods go back centuries. If you look closely, you will notice faint traces of the wood-wheel attesting to the concentrated labor of the artisan. This is a mark of authenticity. Each piece is a unique and original masterpiece. Lead content averages around 20%. Light refraction is not as strong as the Swarovski crystals.



Hand Cut Crystal is a basic crystal with a low lead content (under 20%). It is budget friendly while providing the look of a crystal chandelier. Light refraction is minimal from these hand cut crystals. It provides the look of a crystal chandelier without the price tag and sparkle you get from a Strass Crystal chandelier.

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